About Us

Douse Associates is a highly specialised marketing organisation that works with a select group of asset management firms.

Susan Douse, Managing Director, understands the wider needs of institutional investors globally. Working with funds and asset managers from around the world for the last 40 years, Susan has a good understanding of how to work with investment consultants and intermediaries. She works with a team of Analysts and Interns from some of the UK’s top universities who support her work in all areas of the business.

Susan recognises that investment skill is a rare commodity and has researched, advised asset management firms and published papers on what constitutes and sustains skill in asset management firms and across a wide range of asset classes.

Douse Associates aims to bring together for the long term the right buyers and providers, to ensure better overall governance of investments and ultimately greater alternative opportunities for end investors.

Douse Associates represents distinctive values; embracing trust, skill and excellence. Only a few select firms are represented; firms Susan has known well over the years which offer either exceptional skill or a unique product. There is no bias towards long only funds or alternative investments but rather the combination of a compelling investment story, talented professionals and a sound business structure. Products are generally uncorrelated and typically are more alternative or absolute return in nature. Products are targeted to a focused client and intermediary list in a number of core markets.