Why Douse Associates?

Analyst Scheme

Joining Douse Associates as an Analyst will offer you exposure to investment teams and their strategies across multiple sectors, bringing their skills to a focused institutional investor client and intermediary list in a number of core markets globally.

The Analysts in our team have responsibilities including:

Day-to-day management of multiple manager projects and communications.

Supporting and leading business development activities of designated managers.

Providing support to draft models and marketing material for roadshows.

Preparing tailored client material.

Analysing global asset flows and market sentiment to advise managers on product positioning.

Developing capital raising strategies and writing marketing reports to boards.

Managing a team of up to 4, who will support your work. 

Acting as a point of contact for clients and providing support to senior management.

For our Analyst positions, we typically welcome applications from recent graduates, students that are completing Industrial Placements as part of their university course or those looking for career moves into the investment industry.

Gap Year Scheme

As an Intern Analyst, your role would take on many responsibilities:

Conducting industry reviews to target prospective clients.

Updating and maintaining our specialised CRM system.

Researching industry-wide trends as well as specific market areas.

Preparing briefing notes for the Managing Director to attend meetings.

Supporting the company accountant in managing company finances.

Supporting the analysts in their roles to report and update prospects.

Following up on contacts met at conferences or on business trips.

The possibility to return as an Analyst in your university holidays.

For those interested in joining our Internship Scheme, we would welcome applications from students who are in the last year of Sixth Form and are taking a Gap Year before heading to university.

Here at Douse Associates, we look to hire two or three high-calibre Analysts and Interns per year.

If you would like to apply for either scheme, please complete the form on the ‘Contact Us’ page to introduce yourself and notify us of your interest to apply for one of our roles. We would be delighted to contact you from there regarding further details of the application process.